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Explore Cagliari

with an e-bike tour


Explore Cagliari with an electric bike tour to visit the oasis of pink flamingos, the old town, the secret coves, the towers, the beaches and the parks. Live an unforgettable experience, pedaling effortlessly, immersed in a beautiful landscape.

Each excursion includes the rental of helmet and assistance pedal bicycle (mountain bike or city bike), guide and audio guides in several languages. Each e-bike is equipped with a basket, kickstand and rearview mirror. The tours are also ideal for families; we have e-bikes of different sizes and child seats.  Choose your itinerary and book now

Duration 3 hours


An exciting experience with an electric bike to discover the Molentargius Park and the former salt works, characterized by the presence of elegant and flexuous pink flamingos. From the centre of Cagliari, you arrive to the marvellous Basilica of Bonaria, with its wonderful staircase, cycling along the cycle path along the port, the canal, the park and the sea. You will admire the salting basins, home to many species of plants and birds, where water has a different colour in each basin, usually a colour verging on red. You will listen the history of the remains of the old city of salt. The first written proof dates back to 150 BC, from then on, they have had a very important role in the course of history of the city, particularly during the Roman and the Giudical periods. You will finally arrive at Poetto beach, where you will stop in a characteristic kiosk facing the sea.


Duration 2 hours


An amusing excursion, by assistance pedal bicycle, through the ancient streets of the old town, to discover the history of the city. Overlooking the sea, the multi-ethnic district of the Marina is made up of small shops and trattorias. Stampace is the oldest district of the city and walking through its alleys you will feel the sensation of taking a trip into the truest Cagliari. The medieval quarter of Castello, seat of civil and religious aristocracies, thanks to its elevated position will offer you an unforgettable view of the sea and the city. Finally, you will visit the Villanova district, a real town within the city.

Duration 2,5 hours


A beautiful tour, by e-bike, to discover the most secret and evocative places in the Gulf of Cagliari. Starting from the city center, you will reach the Basilica of Bonaria, up to the tourist port of Marina Piccola at the foot of the hill called "Sella del Diavolo". Along the cycle path that runs along the Sant’Elia seafront, you will arrive at the secret beach of Cala Bernart and the Torre del Prezzemolo, one of the coastal towers of Cagliari, 34 meters above sea level. A few kilometers from the city center you will see the sandy and pebble beach of Calamosca, enclosed in an enchanting cove. You will see, from the top of the promontory of Capo S.Elia, suggestive views, the military structures, the Lighthouse, the Fort of St. Ignazio and the various towers that formed part of of the coastal defense system.