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The sun always in front of you

Best of Cagliari

Starting from the VIIIth century b.c. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Pisans, Aragonese, Austrians, Spaniards, Piedmontese have followed one another in a long history of domination. Cagliari has preserved an immense historical and cultural heritage that coexists in total harmony with the modern city. It is from here that you can start to discover the eclectic charm of this city, open to the Mediterranean.

The medieval City


The Castello quarter stands on a hill that makes it visible from every part of the historic center and from the sea. Founded in the thirteenth century by the Pisans, it is still accessible through the ancient medieval doors, set in the walls that still embrace much of its perimeter. Beyond the numerous things to visit, I suggest you go through the streets, the stairways, the squares that open onto enchanting and different views at any time of day. While strolling, don't forget to peek into the hallways of the palaces, often ancient noble residences that keep their charm unaltered.

Worth a visit

The ancient walls
The Elephant and San Pancrazio Towers
Saint Remy and Santa Croce ramparts
Porta Cristina and the Citadel of Museums: Archaeological (bronzes and giants of Mont 'and Prama), Cardu (Persian art), Pinacoteca (retables)
The Cathedral and the its Museum (sacred art)
The City Palace (Sardinian art and temporary exhibitions)
The covered walk (Ugo collection)
The Municipal Gallery of modern art (Ingrao and Ciusa collection)

If you are short on time

You can see the ancient walls also from Piazza Yenne. Through the steps of Santa Chiara you can reach the Elephant Tower and the Bastione of Santa Croce. From there you can see a magnificent sunset over the roofs of Stampace. Walking towards the terrace of the Bastione of Saint Remì have a look around to take a picture of some noble palaces that you find on the street. Finally, when you arrive at the Bastione you can enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and the city.


Sant'Efisio and the neighborhood life


Built in the thirteenth century by the Pisans, near the fortified walls of Castello, Stampace is a quarter of alleys and old houses in the upper side and very busy streets full of shops, clubs and restaurants in the lower part.
There are many reasons to have a look around it.
The monumental churches such as Sant'Anna and San Michele. The story between faith and folklore of Sant'Efisio, the warrior martyr in 303 AD. The legend says that he saved the population from the plague in 1655. Since then Sant'Efisio is the protagonist of a spectacular religious procession that on May 1st brings together all Sardinia.

Worth a visit

The church of Sant’Anna,
The church of San Michele (18th century sacristy)
The church of Sant’Efisio and the Festival of May 1st
The church of Santa Restituta (Crypt)
The botanical garden
Roman Cagliari: piazza del Carmine, cave of the viper, Roman amphitheater, botanical garden
The Phoenician Punic Cagliari, Tuvixeddu necropolis.

If you are short on time

Take a walk through the alleys of high Stampace, Largo Carlo Felice, Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Do not miss The church of Sant’Efisio, The church of Sant'Anna, a church of San Michele (sacristy of the 700s).

The Mediterranean scent


Between Castello and the Port is the Marina quarter. During the Pisan domination it was the storage area and homes of the port workers. It had a system of defensive walls, demolished in the nineteenth century. Stroll through the streets of the most multi-ethnic zone of the city, to enjoy its historical and religious heritage, to taste the wonders of Cagliari cuisine in the many restaurants in the area.

Worth a visit

Via Roma
Largo Carlo Felice
Yenne Square
Via Manno (shopping)
The Sant'Antonio church
The Church of the Holy Sepulcher (crypt)
The museum: archaeological area of ​​Sant’Eulalia
The shops and stores
The souk (food from all over the world),
Historic shops: the tobacconist and the Tramer pastry shop in via Manno

If you are short on time

Don't miss Via Roma and the view of the city from the Port. Take a walk in Largo Carlo Felice and have a coffee in Piazza Yenne. Get lost in the alleys of the quarter.


Multi-ethnic Cagliari


At the foot of Castello, on the east side is Villanova. It was the area for families coming from countryside and therefore made up of low and mostly modest houses. Recently a part of the quarter has been redeveloped and has become an interesting itinerary with its pedestrian streets transformed by the residents into a small green area.
In addition to visiting the cloister of San Domenico, the church of San Giacomo, the square in front of the church is quite lively both day and night. Do not miss the street art in via San Saturnino, or visit the cultural Exma which hosts interesting art exhibitions every year.

Worth a visit

Via Piccioni, via San Giacomo, via San Domenico (public green by the residents)
Store and historic shops (the barber in via San Giovanni, Mr. Ignazio's shop in via San Domenico, the Caffè Genovese in piazza San Cosimo.
Via Garibaldi (shopping)
Galleries and museums (EXMA 'in via san Lucifero, the Ab gallery in via Einaudi)
Churches: San Saturnino, San Domenico, San Giacomo
Events: Easter rites throughout the neighborhood

If you are short on time

Do not miss Piazza San Giacomo and Piazza San Domenico and take a stroll in via Sulis (shopping)

The beautiful weather is our friend

Green and blue

Living outdoors is our good mood therapy. The city parks, Poetto beach, the promenade from the Port to Su Siccu are open-air gyms. Runners, Bikers, kitesurfers, sailing, canoeing and skating enthusiasts can be found in these places ffrom sunrise to sunset.

If you are short on time

Take a drink at the end of the evening on the seafront of the Poetto beach, have a walk in the Su siccu pier, overlooking the Calamosca beach (small and pebbly)

Worth a visit

Botanical garden
Public gardens (centenary trees and contemporary art)
Colle di Monte Claro (fitness and nature)
Colle di Monte Urpinu (belvedere)
Colle di Bonaria (necropolis, monumental cemetery, basilica) Colle di San Michele (castle and park) Salt galleries , nature and street art

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